Learn Japanese language without moving to Japan.


  • 1. What is AHGS Japanese Academy?
    AHGS Japanese Academyとは?

    AHGS Japanese Academy was established to provide Japanese Language Programs specifically to train and tutor non-Japanese speaking persons in Japanese. We provide English language training modules fitted through a face-to-face group interaction as well as the use of various multi-media technology.



  • 2. What do you offer?

    AHGS Japanese Academy offers Japanese for JLPT which consists of competencies that a non-Japanese speaking person must achieve to be able to experience the language; utilize the language to expand their knowledge, learn different cultures. This curriculum will focus on the fundamental language skills; Writing, Grammar, Listening and Speaking, and some Vocabulary.

    AHGS Japanese Academyが提供するJapanese for JLPTは、フィリピン人(日本語を母国語としない方)が日本語を話すために必要なスキルをしっかり習得できるようカリキュラムが組まれています。日本に関する幅広い知識や文化も学んでいきます。このカリキュラムは、主にライティング文法,・リスニング&スピーキングボキャブラリーといった基礎的な部分に焦点を当てています。

  • 3. How long is the language course program?

    The Japanese for JLPT is a comprehensive program that extends up to 150 Hours of classroom discussion and practical application of the language.

    Japanese for JLPTは、日本語を話せるようカリキュラムが組まれており、合計150時間の授業をご提供致します。

  • 4. Are there any other requirements or qualifications before enrolling to the language program?

    Basically, the Japanese for JLPT program is open to any individual who has the interest and finds time in studying Japanese language.


  • 5. What is JLPT?

    JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a comprehensive language test conducted to foreigners in order to measure their proficiency in 5 levels (N1 to N5 with N5 being the lowest) targeting core language functions (Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speaking).


  • 6. What happen after completing the language course?

    AHGS Japanese Academy will issue you a Certificate of Completion that you may use for any purpose it can serve you. We can also assist and endorse for JLPT test that the Japan Foundation conduct twice a year every July and December.

    当校AHGS Japanese Academyは当カリキュラムの修了証明書を発行致します。国際交流基金が年2回、7月と12月に行うJLPTテスト(日本語能力試験)の受験をサポートすることができます。

  • 7. How much would it cost me to enroll to Japanese for JLPT language course program?
    Japanese for JLPTコースの受講料はいくらですか?

    The Japanese for JLPT language course program is currently offered on an Introductory Rate of PhP 15,000.00 from its Regular Rate of PhP 25,000.00. We thought of offering this program relatively lower than other Japanese schools in Cebu (PhP 167.00/hour) simply because not to make profit but to propagate the Japanese language and culture to others and provide endless possibilities for business, work and network.

    Japanese for JLPTコースは現在、通常価格の25,000ペソのところ、期間限定価格の15,000ペソでご提供しています。当校は、生徒が日本語を話せるようになることで、将来ビジネスや人脈作りに無限の可能性を持って欲しいという思いから、セブ島にある他の日本語学校より低価格でカリキュラムをご提供しています。

  • 8. Are there any other fees?

    Yes. The matriculation fee (PhP 25,000.00) does not cover the learning materials, so students will need to purchase textbooks/learning materials from the Academy.


  • 9. How much would it cost me to purchase these textbooks/learning materials?

    Your learning materials will vary the cost depending on your subject. Individual cost of the books are as follows:

    • DekiruNihongoBonpou – PhP 175.00
    • できる日本語 文法ノート– 175ペソ
    • DekiruNihongoKotoba – PhP 150.00
    • できる日本語 ことばノート– 150ペソ
    • DekiruNihongo Listening and Speaking – PhP 350.00
    • できる日本語–350ペソ
    • Japanese Hiragana and Katakana – PhP 250.00
    • ひらがなとカタカナ–250ペソ
    • Kanji Tamago – PhP 230.00
    • 漢字たまご– 230ペソ

    NOTE: We give discount when you purchase all books at the same time. Giving it to you all 5 learning materials/books at PhP 1000 only!


  • 10. Class Schedule; can I pick a schedule?

    Since this is a group class schedule our current schedule offerings are the following:

    • Mon and Thu 6PM to 9PM, Sat 9AM to 12PM
    • 月曜・木曜の18時から21時、土曜の9時から12
    • Tue and Fri 6PM to 9PM, Sat 1PM to 4PM
    • 火曜・金曜の18時から21時、土曜の13時から16


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