Learn Japanese language without moving to Japan.

Company Info

AHGS Co. Ltd. is a Japan based company established for Business Process Outsourcing (call center/data input) providing Technical Support and Customer Service Support for clients and customers of Japanese companies; Hi-Bit Ltd. and i-Net Support Co., Ltd, study abroad placements business, planning and management of language classroom training centers.

AHGS Co., Ltd. was established last June 4, 2014 with its principal office located at Unit 6-2-6 4th Floor, Kojimachi Building, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

AHGS Co., Ltd. also has other businesses currently operating in Cebu City, Philippines; AHGS Next, Inc. and AHGS English Academy, Inc.

Other Line of Business:

AHGS Study Abroad Program

AHGS Co., Ltd. – Japan through its Study Abroad Program offers an opportunity for Filipinos and other nationals who wish to study in Japan. An opportunity not only to learn their language fluently but also to earn appropriate training in order to land professional jobs in Japan.

Minimal investment for endless possibilities. Take that first step now and make your dreams come true. Realize your dreams in the land of the rising sun, Japan.

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